Neodymium Spheres

Neodymium magnetic spheres are magnets that have a high holding force because they contain neodymium, which is why the coloured neodymium magnetic balls are widely used in industries that require a magnet with axial magnetisation. The neodymium spheres come in packs of 219 units in 6 colours.

The most recurrent places where we can find neodymium magnets in the form of spheres and colours are mainly in the education sector, for utilities that require hanging documents on magnetic boards.


The coloured neodymium spheres are supplied with a nickel-plated coating, as this type of magnet has lower corrosion resistance, and in this way, they act as protection against exposure to chemical and atmospheric factors. In addition, they can be used as ornaments if required.

Coloured magnetic balls are axially magnetised, i.e. they are magnetised along their axis. Coloured magnetic spheres can be used for various purposes, e.g. Hall effect sensors, workshops, and construction.

Coloured neodymium spheres have various uses in different sectors, the most common being in the electronics and education sectors. They can also be used for consumer products and R&D.

Standard sizes:

Dimension range Diameter (mm)

The standard size we work with is 5-6mm in diameter. If other sizes are required, we can manufacture them on request.


The standard format of the neodymium-coloured magnetic balls is the one we find in the table, but they could be supplied in any other dimension.

Coloured neodymium spheres are characteristic of their shape as they can be used for applications that other types of magnets are not designed for.


Maximum working temperature:

Neodymium-coloured spheres can work under temperatures of 80ºC. If you need an application that requires a higher temperature, we can manufacture them on request.

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