What is an injection mold?

Injection molding is the process of injecting molten material into a mold under pressure until it is filled.
The injected material is then left to solidify and, when the mold is opened, we have a completely custom-made part.
This manufacturing process requires an experienced professional team and efficient, state-of-the-art machinery.

Injection molding process

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process where all the plastic grains are first introduced and then the plastic material (polyamides, polymers, and thermoplastics) is melted, compressed, and injected.
Once the plastic material is melted and a hot resin is obtained, it is injected using pressure into the mold cavity until the entire surface is filled. Once solidified, the part is extracted from the mold utilizing ejector pivots and introduced into a container.

During the manufacturing process, the equipment will control the filling pressure, anticipating possible aesthetic problems and verifying the quality of the parts in real-time.

Plastic or aluminum injection molding?

Depending on the needs of each customer, IMA experts will recommend the use of aluminum or plastic injection molding. This is not something that can be recommended without first studying the project and the use it will have in it, as the optimum materials will depend on the use and performance that the part will require.
By offering our customers full customization, we offer all possibilities to manufacture the perfect mold for their application. This ensures that you will always have the ideal part for your project.

Manufacture of injection molds

Injection molds are parts that must be of the highest quality and manufactured with the utmost precision, as they will be used for the mass production of a large number of parts.
At IMA, we take care of the design and monitoring during the manufacturing process of all our molds, thus minimising costs, providing more cost-effective solutions, and requiring less maintenance.
If you have any doubts about the process or the operation of our machines to make injectable molds at the best price, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you completely free of charge.
IMA manages and provides all the manufacturing processes of a mold, providing better quality, effectiveness, lower cost, and shorter manufacturing times.
Reception of the project
Creation of the 3D design
Engineering presents Prototype
Manufacture of the mold


At IMA we design and manufacture all types of plastic injection molds for any type of sector.
Thanks to the high-quality materials we use, we manufacture injection molds, we can optimise their cooling and have control over the entire manufacturing process.
In order to obtain the best results, we provide our customers with all the necessary services for the manufacturing process of injection molds and injected parts. We design and develop all types of molds and products to be injected.
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