Magnetic Filters for Liquids

These magnetic filters are used for filtering ferrous particles from liquid produc ts. They are also used very frequently in liquid circulation and cooling systems.



Thanks to their structure and finish, the magnetic bars inside the filters can be easily removed for cleaning.

In applications where it is necessary to separate very small iron particles or where the particles that have to be separated are in a very viscous substance, they can be produced using different magnet qualities.

Fields of application:

Hydraulic circuits and cooling systems.

Standard sizes:

A (mm) ØB (mm) ØC (mm) Entrance D (mm) Exit E (mm)
230 164 205 to be defined to be defined


Diameters of the bars which can be used are: Ø25 / Ø33 / Ø43. These types of filters can be produced in any dimension.

These kinds of magnetic systems are made in stainless steel (AISI 304/316), therefore, they can be used in the food industry.

The distance between the filter bars depends on the product which is to flow through the unit.

To order, they may also be supplied with special closures which withstand high pressures.

Maximum working temperature:

Depending on needs, the magnetic strength can be increased or the working temperature can be increased from 80ºC up to 150ºC.

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