Permanent Rectangular Electromagnet

This type of electromagnets are made with ferrous alloys and operate at 24 V DC. On request, can also be manufactured into alternating current. Its operation is very simple: when current is activated, a magnetic field is concentrated in iron armor is generated, allowing any kind of support.

Its operation is very simple: it works with a permanent magnet and when activating the current, we deactivate the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet.


Degree of protection: IP65 
Thermal Class: B (130ºC)
Nominal voltage: 24V DC
Normalised Duty cycle: see table
For other voltages, ED or sizes,
please consult us.

For these permanent rectangular electromagnets, the grip and attraction is obtained by permanent magnets incorporated in the electromagnetic bar. They are mainly used for automation and safety techniques.

These systems find their utility in application cases that require long periods of clamping without power consumption. They also eliminate the problem of load shedding due to power failure.

In addition to a permanent magnet, it also incorporates a coil that, when excited, allows the load to be released. When the tension ceases, it regains its initial strength.

Model Code Long (mm) Width (mm) High (mm) ED% Fmax (N) Power (W) Sheet thickness(mm)
ERMP180/35 ELEE01571 180 35 24 25% 500 18 10
ERMP175/60 ELEE01656 170 60 50 25% 1000 41 10
ERMP300/80 ELEE01690 300 80 80 25% 4300 90 10
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