Electromagnet ER21/C

On request, they can be supplied in any other dimension.


Electromagnets protection rate: IP00
Insulation class: B (130ºC)
Cycle duration: 2minutes
Standard stroke “s”: 10mm
Temperature rise “DV31″: 70ºC
Work: pull/push
Return spring incorporated: YES

Duty-cycle ED(%) 100 40 25 15 5
Abs. Power at 20ºC (W) 6 14 24 35 100
Minimum force (N) 1,3 2,3 3,1 4,1 6,2
Max time under voltage (s) 48 30 18 6
Plunger weight (g) 12
Solenoid weight (g) 62
Duty-cycle ED(%) Standard voltages Under demand voltages
6 12 24 48 100 125 205 110 230 Min Max Min Max
100% O O O O O X X X X 3 110 X X
40% O O O O O O X X X 4 165 X X
25% O O O O O O O X X 5 220 X X
15% O O O O O O O X X 6 230 X X
5% X O O O O O O X X 9 230 X X

Layout:    O= Available;      X= Unavailable

Force stroke curve and Solenoid under voltage:

Electromagnet under tension.

* On request, it can be supplied in any other dimension.


  1. Voltage under demand: They can be manufactured at any voltage between the maximum and minimum voltage values shown in the chart.
  2. To feed in alterning current the solenoid will have a rectifier incorporated in the coil.
  3. The duty cycles described in the chart are standard, they can be manufactured in any intermediate cycle.
  4. If any variation from the original is needed, please ask us.
  5. The terminals can be changed by leads.
  6. Earthing is recommended if the metallic parts are accessible..

Ordering code: ER21/C --V ED---% - Mounting position - Spring


  • Standard voltage:24Vdc Duty cycle: ED100%: Mounting position A: With spring : ER21/C 24Vdc ED100% A RS
  • Standard voltage:12Vdc Duty cycle: ED15%: Mounting position C: Without spring : ER21/C 12Vdc ED15% C RN

ATTENTION: When using for lifting and handling loads must choose a minimum safety factor of 3, the weight of the load must be at least one third of the holding force.

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