The range of static stabilizers consists of two series: Single phase and Three phase. IMA provide technical and professional advice that suits your needs.


The static stabilizersare machines designed to offer an efficient and stable electrical supply to our equipment or facilities.

These electronic stabilizers are totally static and stand out for their speed of response to the oscillations of the network, they also have great precision in the output voltage, they are manufactured in both single-phase and three-phase.

The three-phase equipment is manufactured per phase and consists of three individual single-phase stabilizers, thus avoiding any imbalance between phases due to loads or imbalances in the input network.

These equipments incorporate a manual and optionally automatic bypass as standard to guarantee the supply in case of breakdown, and the possible maintenance without giving up the power supply.

The power range is in single phase up to 80 kva and in three phase up to 3.200 kva.


Static stabilizers are used to improve the security of computer equipment such as printers, computers, in medical and laboratory equipment, lighting and office supplies and workplaces.

Numerical control machines
Computer equipment
Laboratory equipment
Hospital equipment
Radio / TV broadcast and transmission
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