The range of servo motor stabilizers is divided into two series: Single phase and Three phase. At IMA we provide technical advice and accompany you throughout the product decision process according to your need.


They are machines designed to offer an efficient and stable electrical supply to equipment or installations.

The servo motor stabilizers have a microprocessor that controls the value of the input voltage at all times, processes it and orders the appropriate corrections to reach the programmed value obtaining high precision in the requested number.

The system used by IMA is a reference in the world of voltage stabilization, it consists as we have mentioned a microprocessor, it gives an order to a DC motor that acts on the cursor of a toroidal autotransformer, moving from left to right and varying the tension. This voltage is applied to the primary of the Booster that adds this voltage in phase or counter phase to the network through its secondary, located in series to the phase.

IMA servo motor stabilizers have a Bypass switch to ensure possible maintenance without sacrificing power. They have standard protections or options to avoid over intensities, high or low voltages that can damage the equipment.

These machines can be used to stabilize the supply voltage of any equipment that, without requiring immediate response regulation, does require precise and constant stabilization, especially those that have a marked reactive character or large intensity points.


These stabilizers can be used in a wide range of facilities we will list some:

Numerical control machines
IT facilities
Hospital equipment and facilities
Laboratory equipment
Communications equipment and facilities
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