This type of electromagnet consists of a coil and a ferrous ferrite part. The usual operating voltage is 24 V direct current, although other voltages, including 230 Vac, can be supplied on request.


These electromagnets are highly customisable, meaning they can be designed and built to suit the specific needs of an application. For example, special ER electromagnets can be designed to operate in different temperatures and environments, from cryogenic temperatures to high temperatures in foundry applications.


A key advantage of IMARECs is that they can be precisely controlled by a current control system, allowing the magnetic field strength and thus the clamping force to be adjusted. In addition, they can be activated and deactivated quickly, enabling fast and efficient handling of objects.

One of the main benefits of IMARECs is that they can be switched on and off quickly, making them ideal for applications where material handling is fast and efficient. Moreover, their compact size and ability to generate a concentrated magnetic force in a given area make them easy to integrate into automated production lines.

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