What is electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is exactly what the term describes, a magnetic effect that is the result of electric currents. Everything is defined as it follows:

All phenomenons in which electric currents and magnetic fields are linked.

In the following article, however, we would like to take a closer look at electromagnetism to explain what exactly happens in this phenomenon on a physical level. In this case we talk about electrodynamics, which can be used to describe numerous phenomenons in our environment.

Danish physicist and chemist Hans Christian Oersted was the first to discover and record the electromagnetic principle in 1820. Before, electrical and magnetic forces were often exchanged or not even distinguished. However, this is not the case.

Electromagnetism, how does his phenomenon appears

Oersted has determined that when a conductor is crossed by electricity, it automatically creates a magnetic field around it. The intensity of this magnetic field depends on the intensity of the current flow supplied. The polarization of this magnetic field also depends on the current flow, more precisely on the direction of the current flow. Consequently, this can also be controlled: if the direction of the current flow is reversed, the polarization of the electromagnetic field is also reversed.

Electromagnetism and Maxwell's equations

Just under 40 years later, James Clerk Maxwell further deepened this principle. He established Maxwell's equations, which still form the basis of electrodynamics and describe how electromagnetic fields are formed. In summary, from these four mathematical equations it can be concluded that the so-called electromagnetic waves arise. In this case, electric fields are first created by charges, as a result of these moving charges magnetic fields arise, which in turn produce electric fields. These fields alternate again and again, that's why we talk about electromagnetic fields as a whole. Of course, this is just a simplified explanation of this phenomenon. For more information and a detailed explanation, see this article about Maxwell's equations in our blog.

If you consider that there are generally three basic forces in physics, in addition to electromagnetism there are gravity and nuclear forces, you can imagine how much influence electromagnetism has on our environment and how important it is that this phenomenon was defined by its corresponding mathematical and physical equations. This means that all possible electromagnetic fields can be measured in our daily lives.

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