Utilities of injected magnets

As not all magnets are used for the same thing, it is always interesting to know the advantages and conditions where a specific type of magnet behaves best, so that, before making our purchase, we can acquire the one that best suits the needs and functionalities we expect. In the same way, before knowing the utilities of this type of magnets, we believe that we must know how these types of magnets are and the main advantages and disadvantages they present. Only then will we be informed enough to make the right choice.

We call injected magnets to those that have been manufactured through ferrite magnetic powders and also rare earths that have previously been incorporated in what we call thermoplastics, among which we highlight, above all, polyamides. They are a type of magnet much more resistant to any type of corrosion than those synthesized materials. We should not overlook the fact that maximum temperatures of between 100 and 120 degrees Celsius are achieved.

Magnets can be injected or manufactured in special plastic polymers with particles that we have incorporated of ferrite or neodymium. Doing so will allow us to use all the usual possibilities of plastic models to make designs with shapes and also with a special type of magnetization. Everything made from the needs of the client.

injected magnets

Standard sizes of injected magnets

It is because of the different, unique possibilities offered by this technology that we cannot speak of standard sizes, and it is also what allows us to customize the magnet as much as possible according to customer requests and the specific needs of the application that is going to be given to it.

Among the main advantages we can find in magnets that have been molded by injection we can highlight the following: possibility of making more complex shapes and structures, are magnets that have a low conductivity and also low eddy currents, are magnets with good tolerance and are more resistant to jump to compression in situations of servitude. The main disadvantage is that these magnets will have a lower magnetic performance than those that have been made by compression in bonded conditions. This is because the magnetic charge is lower.

Today we find injection moulded magnets in many everyday uses of which we are often unaware. From motors, to sensors, magnetic components, etc.

Customized design according to the client’s needs

We would like to highlight the injected Neodymium magnets, as they are currently the most used and requested by customers. These, in addition, are produced using the design and special needs of the client, so they have an exclusive use.

The fields of application of injected magnets are mainly found around the world of magnetic elements of household appliances, washers and motors, as well as in the world of automotive. At IMA we manufacture plastic magnets for many companies in different fields, such as manufacturers of electric motors, household appliances or automobiles. Maximum temperatures of between 100ºC and 120ºC are obtained, allowing the solution of the specific needs of each client. We take charge of designing and elaborating the piece that you need for your project.

From small components to large parts always designed for a specific need of our customers. With the design and the specific needs to make your project a success.

IMA will be delighted to help you solve all your doubts and questions. To solve with you the difficulties that you find in the process of development, so we are always willing to solve any doubt you may have about it.

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