Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supply is a system already known to most of us and we simply assume that we always have electricity when we need it. In fact, this is not automatically the case and in the event of a power failure, we only notice how dependent we are on the fact that everything works perfectly.

This can be boring in everyday life and private life, but in most cases it is no longer tragic in the event of a power failure. You can help yourself with candles and, at best, take the time to relax. However, the situation is different in the industry. So how do you make sure that the electricity always works and, most importantly, evenly?

What are uninterruptible power systems?

These so-called UPS systems are used for devices where it is particularly important that they always work perfectly without any interruption. However, a malfunction is not just a power failure. There are nine cases of electrical interference:

  • Power outage

  • Increase in blood pressure

  • Pressure drop

  • Low tension

  • High tension

  • Electric noise

  • Frequency fluctuations

  • Transient switching

  • Harmonic distortion

With servers, routers and other machines and computer and communications programs in particular, it is very important that these electrical anomalies are balanced. There are three different types of UPS systems for this, which are the most common and protect against errors for different:

  • On standby

  • Online UPS

  • Online UPS

The former are often used to protect household appliances. It can be computers or televisions, for example. They protect against frequency fluctuations and drops or increases in voltage.

The second group already offers more complete protection and is also used in homes, but also in small businesses or laboratories. They are used against five of the anomalies mentioned above, which would also include frequency fluctuations and voltage drops or rises, as well as against low and high voltages. This is particularly useful and is already sufficient to keep routers, network devices, computers, security cameras, pumps, or electric motors running.

The latest group of UPS systems mentioned here provides comprehensive protection against the nine cases of problems mentioned. For this reason, these devices are also the most expensive to buy and have the disadvantage that the battery must be replaced more frequently because it is more stressed. Therefore, they are increasingly used in large companies for servers or electronic security devices.

If you want more information about uninterruptible power systems or if you want information about UPS systems available in our store, you can contact our specialist staff at any time without obligation. We would be delighted to help you.

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