What are Voltage Stabilizers and what types are there?

Voltage stabilizers are used to protect machinery and electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations. This ensures that they always work at a constant voltage and maintain the quality of the power supply. The devices are very simple and intuitive to use, in our range we offer three types of voltage stabilizers, all equipped with a digital display for control purposes:

  • Servo motor stabilizers:These types of voltage stabilizers are used more frequently in the industry. On the one hand, they are extremely precise and very robust, which makes them idealfor a wide range of applications. There are different types of servomotors for this product range. Contact our technical staff for advice on the most suitable device for your project.

  • Static stabilizers: these are also very precise devices, which are also characterized by their speed of reaction to voltage fluctuations. They are also available as single-phase or three-phase models.

  • Relay Stabilizers:This version was developed especially for personal use. They are used when high accuracy is not required, but the voltage must always be within a certain limit. In addition, this variant of voltage stabilizers are also the most economical option.

What are Voltage Stabilizers and what types are there

What are the advantages of voltage stabilizers?

All three different devices have a standard response rate with variations up to 90 V/s. Depending on what your requirements are, of course, you can resort to a device, which offers an even faster reaction speed, such as static stabilisers.

As mentioned earlier, they are all easy to use and equally intuitive to control via the digital display. In addition, the accuracy of the output voltage is better than 1% for all devices.

Examples of applications for voltage stabilizers

Stabilizers are used to regulate and stabilize the voltage supplied to electrical equipment, as its name suggests. Some areas where these types of electrical systems are installed may be in hospitals, numerical control machines, computer equipment, laboratory equipment, and radio/television transmission equipment.

Therefore, if you are using equipment that regulates the supply voltage, you can contact us to work with our team of experts to see which option would be best for your application.

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