Magnetic liquid, what is it?

Magnetic liquids have been around for a long time. More specifically, we have known for about 150 years. that liquids can have magnetic properties by adding iron particles to them. However, as with most inventions and discoveries, the prototype, while functional, was not entirely ideal. It was not until 1965 that the composition was optimized and only magnetic fluids, also called magnetic ferrofluids, were officially studied.

What are magnetic ferrofluids made of?

Of course, magnetic liquids do not occur entirely naturally. They always consist of a carrier liquid in which magnetizable particles are mixed. For example, the oil can also be transformed into a magnetic liquid, which can help with possible dirt, for example, thanks to magnetism to separate the oil from the water and, therefore, to clean the latter again very easily.

Using so-called surfactants, the magnetic particles, often magnetite, are processed to have the same structure as the carrier liquid, allowing for optimal mixing. For the liquid to have a magnetic effect, an external magnetic field is necessary in order to “charge” the particles.

What are magnetic fluids for?

Since this is an extraordinary and perhaps not too common substance, it may be a little more difficult to think of possible areas of application for magnetic liquids. However, there are many:

  • Seal

  • Damped

  • Storage

  • Separation

  • Units

  • Medical technology

  • Sensor technology

Let's take a closer look at how the magnetic liquid acts as a seal, which is also the most common application. Why? Precisely because it is very reliable and precise. As it is a liquid, it can adapt perfectly to all shapes and molds. Thanks to the magnetic field of an external permanent magnet, it not only stays in place, but also withstands extreme pressures. Therefore, it is not surprising that magnetic liquids are used as seals, especially during space travel and space industry, where particular toxic substances must also be prevented from entering.

Therefore, magnetic fluids perform complex and extremely important tasks in a wide variety of industries. This is why it is in fact a revolutionary development which can certainly also be used in other fields.

If you would like more information on this subject or would like to learn more about other non-binding magnetic products in order to find out how they can be useful for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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