Which magnets are most suitable for doors and cupboard doors?

Keeping our doors well closed is not always easy and forces us to make solutions that, many times, do not solve the problems and do nothing but leave them to half or are simple patches. That’s why we believe that knowing what kind of magnets can help us to keep our doors well closed is fundamental when it comes to putting a definitive solution to our problem. We know that these are small mishaps that can take us out of our state of relaxation, so it is not trivial to know the way in which we can leave solved the opening or closing of the doors of the interior of our house or the closets of the home.

For that reason, if a door of a closet does not close correctly, it is possible to place in the box some magnets in receptacle with drill. We must do it and leave it installed well strong, with great firmness avoiding that it moves or is not placed in the correct way. You can also use neodymium magnets with a drill reamed along with iron pieces.

Our recommendation is to use a series of thin discs and metal plates of the same size as the magnets we have used previously.  We will place this plate with the drill, placing it flush, so that the simple mechanism we have installed works and keeps our wardrobe doors well closed.

Keeping doors open

On other occasions we want to keep the doors open and thus achieve more fluid spaces where you can be without the need to be opening the doors continuously in our path. Surely on more than one occasion we have heard of putting a stop on a door, on the wall or on the floor. These stops allow us to constantly keep the doors open, even when there is current, as the magnets get to make the pressure and force enough to prevent the closing or slamming.

If we want to establish the stop on the wall we must screw the magnet to the wall and place another magnet in the doorknob. With this simple act we will be able to keep the door open all the time. Leaving it on will not take more than ten minutes, so you have no excuse to leave it for later.

On the other hand, if we have a magnetic door we can also screw to the floor a container that contains a magnet and thus allows to keep the door open. Installation is just as simple. The installation of one or another type of stop is simple, but also very economical.

Magnetic applications

Every time we begin to find on the market many magnetic devices that allow us to achieve similar results without having to drill or fill holes in our doors or cabinets at home. Of very comfortable installation and within reach of all. The magnetic devices are more and more to the order of the day, reason why, possibly, for that closet that does not finish closing in the kitchen, it can be the solution.

Contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you find the solution that best suits your needs. We can guide you in choosing the right type of magnet that will best help you close doors and windows once and for all. But also those that will allow you to keep it open when you want. At IMA we help you find the solutions you need.

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