Tips and tricks with magnets

To make your life easier, it's good to have your own "stuff", but you need to do it right and safely. Magnets are used very frequently in the domestic environment. It is easy to do “magic with magnets” if you look closely at these small magnetic objects that adapt and fix problems. We have the best magnets tips and tricks for you in this article.

Tidying up the tangled cables

Even two cables side by side can become a tangle. With a magnet, magic art can bring order to the presentation. Simply wrap the cable with a wire around the end with a magnet and the edge of the table or where you want to organize your cables. You will be able to store the wire correctly without tangling

magnet for cables

For solid bottles

Hold your glass bottles securely, you can do it easily because the bottle caps are magnetic. An effective tool and trick with magnets.

bottles lifehack

Help with tools

You are in the right place and you have the hammer ready, but the tools are too far. To keep your utensils always at hand, you can also use the magic of magnets. All you need is a small adhesive tape stuck near your workbench and the tools stick to it.

magnets for tools

Frameless photos

How should it work? In short, using magnets. Simply a small adhesive magnet on the back of the image and it becomes magnetic! You can now hang it on the walls using another self-adhesive magnet or on a magnetic wall.

magntic pictures

Goodbye flying tablecloths

When the wind blows, the tablecloth can fly away. With magnets you can easily remedy this. If the legs or table top are metal, just use a small magnet to remove the tablecloth. They have original and very decorative shapes (like these flowers. You can also use two magnets, one on the outside and one on the inside of the tablecloth. So you will no longer have this type of problem during outdoor meals.

magnet for tablecloths

As you can see, there are tips and “lifehacks” to make your life more comfortable thanks to magnets. If you want more information on the subject or on our products, do not hesitate to contact our specialized staff.

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