Motorhome Magnets

Magnetic locks increase the pleasure of camping

Lovers of camping appreciate the value of a motorhome. For them, there is nothing better than spending their free time traveling in a motorhome or with a caravan. The layout of a motorhome with its doors and furniture, is designed in such a way that different types of magnets can be used for fastening, fixing or for magnetic closures.

Since many of the vehicles are also equipped with an awning, there is a need to fix it temporarily to the side of the motorhome. This can be achieved by using 4 or 5 units of magnet blocks size 40x10x20mm of neodymium quality N42.  These would be sufficient to fix the Awning safely to the side of the motorhome, due to the strong Magnetic Fields obtained by Neodymium magnets.

For doors, there are several types and sizes of lock magnets, with different options that determine their position and the closing force required, by means of adjusting the distance.

Adjustable magnetic closures can be embedded in plastic, obtaining different shapes and offering a variety of applications.

Motorhome Magnets

Magnets – an added value inside motorhomes

Magnets for motorhomes or caravans, used for specific applications, offer various benefits:

They are easy to place in position and remove, easy to install in the way you want to and remain unnoticed. The magnets can be stitched into the awning or inserted into the sleeve of the awning. This protects the paint from possible scratches or scrapes, as could happen if the magnets were placed directly on metal surfaces.

Magnets have been used for motorhomes for several years. They can be used to provide adhesion to any of the metal surfaces of a motorhome. As a result, even minor modifications to the motorhome can be carried out easily.

The easy handling of the magnets is especially attractive for motorhome uses. The inherent characteristic of caravan mobility, gives rise to fixing requirements adaptable to differing conditions. For example, when equipping the mini kitchen in a motorhome, it is important that the space used be reduced. A standard magnetic knife holder attached to the wall of the mini kitchen, can hold several knives safely and securely.

Closures for doors and their special characteristics

Door closures use a magnet as a closing and retaining component, with the advantage that this magnetic fastening element has no mechanical wear and tear. The closing force is generated by a magnet, which produces a constant closing force. Installation was often limited to tightening a single screw or hammering, in the past. Now, for the vast majority of cases, there is a wide range of lock magnets, with different magnetic forces available.


The properties of special magnets, such as neodymium magnets, are ideal for their different uses in motor homes. The high intensity of the magnetic fields, allows the fixing of awnings quickly and safely. Camping enthusiasts will appreciate the outstanding features and versatility of our magnets. Find out about our magnetic and innovative products. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advice.

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