IMA receives the visit of a CSIC researcher

Dr. Raquel Tenorio, the National Biotechnology Centre (CNB) belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), visited IMA's facilities IMA in Ripollet to thank the company for its financial donation to the COVID-19 antiviral research project./p>

IMA's collaboration with the CSIC has taken place within the framework of the fundraising campaign that the National Biotechnology Centre has carried out with the slogan "New medications to cure Covid-19".

Dr. Raquel Tenorio at IMA's premises


The project in which IMA and CSIC are involved is part of the application of existing medications to the treatment of Covid-19, known as medications repurposing.

The aim is to study a collection of 116 compounds with possible antiviral activity to attack the new coronavirus in any infected person. The CSIC research aims to achieve a combination therapy with several safe and effective compounds against the coronavirus. "By using several medications, the possible appearance of resistant viruses is reduced, as the virus is attacked in several ways, for example, by directly destroying the virus and at the same time blocking the cellular components that the virus needs to infect," explains Dr. Tenorio during her visit to the IMA facilities.

From left to right: Nieves González (IMA HR Director), Doctor Raquel Tenorio (CSIC researcher), Ricardo Altimira (IMA Manager) and Lidia Medina (IMA Finance Director).


Financial resources play a key role in the results of scientific research. The number of tests and trials in the laboratory depends on the number of staff working on the research. The more staff, the greater the research capacity and the better the results in a shorter time.

For this reason, the National Biotechnology Centre has launched a fundraising campaign on the Precipita platform. The aim is to raise 35,000 euros to be able to study all the compounds on our list for a year and possibly expand it with more medications. The chances of finding one or more effective medications against the coronavirus will increase considerably depending on the financial resources available. We encourage everyone to collaborate with the research as IMA has already done Video Video of the project "New medications to cure Covid-19".

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