How can I have a magnetic wall in my home?

Business cards, notes, papers, and appointments often pile up on kitchen counters or the desk in piles of papers. These days, people prefer a magnetic wall to a cork noticeboard to bring order to the chaos. You can attach your paper without damaging the wall. It can also be used as a whiteboard in the office or workshop as an organizational system. In the following, you will learn how to make a magnetic wall and what is needed to make it.

How to make a magnetic wall

There are three ways to make a magnetic wall; either magnetic paper, magnetic paint, or magnetic plates. With the help of these materials, it is possible to create a magnetic wall in any room. All three methods can be done very easily. Depending on the requirements of the users, one method, especially in the required quality, is more than the other.

Make a magnetic wall with magnetic paper.

Magnetic paper is a flexible metal foil that creates an impression for magnets on the walls of rooms or doors. The advantages of such a film are that it can be attached without nails or screws and the adaptability of the dimensions to the conditions obtained. Many of the iron sheets are also provided with a coating so that they serve not only as wallboard for notes but also as a blackboard. This makes the magnetic paper or the magnetic wall a great help especially in offices, but also in schools.

Make a magnetic wall with adhesive magnetic tape.

Adhesive magnetic tapes are sheets that have an adhesive surface on their non-adhesive side. Magnetic walls with this type of magnetic tape are particularly suitable for the ordering of objects made of metal, such as paper clips, but also tools such as knives.

Make a magnetic wall with magnetic paint .

Wall painting is the basis of magnetic painting. In magnetic paint, tiny nano-iron particles are processed, which do not rust. The wall with magnetic paint is ideal for magnets.

How to create a magnetic wall with magnetic plates.

Various forms of static magnetic panels or also called magnetic plates are available: coated, stainless steel, or with glass applications. Different properties are also present, e.g. whether the panel has hooks to attach it to the wall or whether it can be written on. Take your time and decide which form best suits your needs.

What materials are needed for a magnetic wall?

Depending on the method (magnetic paper, magnetic paint, or magnetic plate) you have chosen, different materials are needed.

Magnetic paper sticks beautifully on a smooth surface. However, if you want to apply the film on thicker granulated surfaces, such as Styrofoam or cork, it is better to use a flexible adhesive for this purpose.

For magnetic walls made of magnetic paint, neodymium magnets are recommended to ensure proper adhesion. A brush or paint roller is needed to spread the magnetic paint, as with conventional wall paint. Three coats are recommended. Visit us at IMA for more information or to order related products.

If you need to create a magnetic wall or directly a panel on which to stick magnets and documents, this article will help you to solve your doubts.

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