How are neodymium magnets manufactured?

Before learning about the manufacturing process of neodymium magnets, we would like to point out some aspects that we consider important about this type of rare earth material, as we can say that it is a special material. If we combine it with iron or boron, we can create the strongest magnets available today. On the other hand, due to its nickel and copper coating, it has a very nice silver-colored surface, which makes its use in interiors perfectly compatible with home decoration. The holding force is so strong that it can be used in small spaces. If we compare it with a ferrite magnet, we can say that this magnet, a magnet of the same dimensions, is considerably weaker and its appearance is not as attractive, although it is true that its price is much cheaper.

How are they made?

The manufacture of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets is complicated and requires a great deal of work. This alloy has been made since 1984 due to different research processes, so since that time neodymium magnets with higher power have been built.

For its manufacture, the three elements: iron, neodymium, and boron, are crushed very intensively and melted in a vacuum. The chemical formula of this alloy is known as NdFeB.

The mixture of iron, neodymium, and boron, as well as a few other components, must be crushed very intensively, as mentioned above, and then melted in a vacuum. During the process, the three elements are magnetized and compacted until they form a simple structure, usually in the shape of a cylinder or cube. Once it is in this situation is when it must be heated in a vacuum to allow it to cool over time. Slowly. From now on, the alloy begins to have an increasingly crystalline structure, which will favor the subsequent magnetization. It is at this point that the desired sizes are formed. This raw magnet, as it is known, is then given a copper and nickel-based coating that helps prevent the magnet from oxidizing easily and gives it an unbeatable appearance.

Once we have reached this point, the magnets must be placed in a magnetic coil through which a current will pass for a millisecond, producing a large magnetic field through which the magnets will be magnetized, aligning the molecules and crystals in the magnetic field of the coil.

This is how we at IMA make the neodymium magnets that you can buy. A laborious and highly precise work that makes them one of the most powerful magnets and one of the most successful among our customers. You can find different variants of this type of magnet depending on your needs. Neodymium blocks, neodymium discs, neodymium rings, special geometry magnets, and special segments. Each one of them with its particularities and is specific for a special type of use and customer. Some are more standard and others, such as those with special geometries, are made to customer specifications.

As always, we recommend that you consult us, that you let us know your doubts or suggestions, as we can study your needs and recommend a specific product or, on the contrary, study and make one in particular for your use. We are specialists in magnets and we can find the most professional solution for what you need. Contact us.

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