Automatic magnets for robotics industry

The safest system for lifting objects is the innovative Pneumatic magnetic suction cup developed by IMA.

Pneumatic magnetic suction cup is a special gripping system that works with compressed air. The magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet. The compressed air that enters into the magnetic suction cup causes a mechanical movement that allows the magnet that’s inside to grip or quickly drop the pieces. The magnetic clasp is connected pneumatically. Control is possible through a valve 5/3 or even 5/2.

Automatic magnets for robotics industry

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The Magnetic clamping system for the pneumatic suction cups, is a system developed in-house by IMA. It was designed as part of our research and development program for new products and magnetic applications, intended to provide the best solutions for the magnetics industry.

The main advantage of the magnetic clamping system, operated by compressed air, is the secure hold it offers generated by the magnetic field. The magnet prevents vacuum leakage. Once the suction cup is holding an object, it will not release it, even if the air pressure is interrupted or the power supply is disconnected.

The use of magnetic suction cups is suitable for grabbing or picking flat objects such as:

  • Steel parts stamped or perforated

  • Ferromagnetic materials in general

Some application examples include:

  • Automatic production lines.

  • Press transfer systems for the automotive industry or the steel industry.

  • Robots "Pick-and-place System".

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