Applications of magnetic tapes

There is a good variety of applications for magnetic tapes. In fact, in the course of our lives, we often come into contact with magnetic tapes without realizing it, because they perform basic functions on a wide range of devices including toys, computers, credit cards, MRI machines and commercial equipment, among others.

Magnetic tapes are a versatile and suitable element for organising products and signposting them, clearly visible in some cases, while in other circumstances they do their work in silence and without being seen.

magnetic tape pvc coil

Also known as a multipurpose magnet, for having a wide variety of applications, magnetic tapes are a different type of magnet, used for its easy adhesion on any metal surface, thanks to its flexibility and also to remain permanently magnetized.

Among their properties, among the applications of magnetic tapes can be used both indoors and outdoors and are resistant to water and other chemicals such as alcohol, an advantage that extends its radius of action.

Isotropic magnetic tapes are magnetised on one side and offer a suitable holding force for a wide range of applications, while anisotropic magnetic tapes, due to the orientation of their magnetic particles, have a higher attraction force and can be magnetised on one or both sides, making them perfect for countless applications.

Types of magnetic tapes

Among these types of magnetic tapes, there are the natural ones, which are very versatile, because they are elements that allow you to go faster when marking and organizing factories and shops. These are magnets on one side.

Adhesive magnetic tapes are a product composed of an adhesive-coated side, ideal for fixing non-metallic objects to metal surfaces. These can be supplied in materials with different finishes such as rolls or sheets of different thickness, length and width, as well as with white vinyl coating, resistant to various external agents.

There are also magnetic tapes called “magnetic labels”, which are small rectangular pieces that do not scratch the surface due to their transparent protective layer that are used for the signaling of shelves, for example.

Magnetic labels are versatile and suitable for the organization of products in warehouses or supermarkets. The magnetic profiles are designed to close screens, sliding doors and mobile partitions, among others, and are available in different colours. In addition, among other types of magnetic tapes, are the die cut and the magnetic plate.

The first one is very similar to magnetic labels, but these are in the form of discs or rings and can be manufactured in different sizes. The second is magnetic objects that are magnetized on both sides.

Other applications of magnetic tapes

Among other applications of magnetic tapes, are the labeling for storage shelves in offices or shops and advertising signs on metal surfaces, or on other surfaces such as billboards, cars and shelves, among others. In addition, among other applications of magnetic tapes are found:

  1. Magnets or photographs for refrigerators or metal boards.
  2. Magnetic ski rack for cars.
  3. Signposting of places or documents

Magnetic tapes are available in a variety of colours and come in A4 formats, but can be cut to any size, depending on the intended use. These usually have a strong magnetism which, as explained above, allows them to adhere to any ferrous metal object for a variety of purposes. Like permanent magnets, magnetic tapes retain their magnetism once magnetized.

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