What is the Biomagnetic Pair?

The Biomagnetic Pair was originated in 1988 by the first Congress of Biomagnetics, in the Society of Alternative Medicines of Guadalajara. The founder of the congress, Dr. Isaac Gioz Duran, affirmed that the biomagnetic pair has the capacity to measure, detect and analyze alterations of the pH found in an organism.

What is it and what is it for?

The Biomagnetic Pair is a way to diagnose and subsequently treat diseases and effects on the neuromuscular nervous system. The Biomagnetic Pair is used both before, during and after in the form of rehabilitation of a disease. Unlike biomagnetism, the Biomagnetic Pair uses magnets which have opposite charges to depolarize the unbalanced Ph. It is in charge of treating pathologies, in other words, it omits the symptom and sends us to the reason that generates the disease.

The biomagnetic pair allows to cure all types of diseases due to the use of magnetic fields.

How does the Biomagnetic Pair work?

The biomagnetic pair discovers and rectifies by using magnets to alter the pH of the organs and internal tissues found in the body. The biomagnetic pair has a neutral pH which will destroy the organisms that cause the disease, this manages to rebalance the pH getting its proper functioning and recovery of the patient's body.

The biomagnetic pair affects the body positively on several factors, but the most prominent are the following.

  • Controls balancing the negative effects of menopause.

  • Balances arterial circulation.

  • Amplifies the amount of blood flow and increases body temperature.

  • Encourage the immune system.

  • Facilitates the balance between the two parts of metabolism (anabolism and catabolism).

What can the Biomagnetic Pair cure?

The Biomagnetic Pair as we have said before acts in a very positive way for our body so it can cure several pathologies such as: cancer, cardiovascular and nervous system, more specifically facial paralysis. As well as not so complex diseases such as: gastrointestinal problems, gynecological, respiratory, renal, venereal, auditory...

In addition to curing these diseases, it also helps to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

In the case of Parkinson's this therapy performs a review which gives us the opportunity to prevent future alterations before symptoms appear. On the other hand, as well as Alzheimer's in which it has magnetic fields that cause an activation of neuronal transmitters improving communication between various areas of the brain.

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