Electromagnetic fields and health

Electromagnetic fields of low intensity do not produce any negative health effects. Our body uses electromagnetic impulses to produce brain waves and the heartbeat.

Nowadays in our daily life, we can find ourselves exposed to various low-frequency magnetic fields such as household appliances, machinery, electrical panels, and computer equipment...

Most common devices that have electromagnetic fields.

The two most common devices that have electromagnetic fields are:

Mobile phones can have different effects on the health of the people using them. These effects will be different depending on whether they are short-term or long-term.

o Short-term effects: radioelectric energy causes tissue heating. However, the enhancement found in areas such as the brain or organs in the body are low-frequency electromagnetic waves, so they will not be harmful to health.

o Long-term effects: high and prolonged exposure can lead to a change in heart rate.

Microwaves give off X-ray and gamma waves, which can be dangerous, causing burns or even cancer. From another point of view, microwaves can pass phthalates (the chemical in plastics) into food and then into our bodies.

Types of EMF

There are two types of EMF

- Ionising: high frequency and shorter wavelength. This type can cause the breaking of chemical bonds and alter both molecular and chemical structures. Ionising EMF can cause damage to different areas such as skin or organs.

- Non-ionising: lower frequency and longer wavelength. This type should not affect human health. According to the American Heart Association, pacemakers cannot be affected by radiation from household appliances.

According to several studies, the likelihood is that at current regulatory levels electromagnetic fields may contribute to the development of cancer.

EMFs from the non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum cannot directly damage the cell and therefore cannot cause cancer,

but they do increase the risk from exposure to these electromagnetic fields.
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