Magnetic sweepers for forklifts and their operation

The magnetic sweepers in forklifts are especially used in spaces such as airports, a large parking lot, or any business in which unwanted metals may appear, because they facilitate the work of cleaning debris from the floor, especially if they are sharpened as nails or scrap metal.

This type of debris can cause flat tires or, worse, could endanger the health and physical integrity of employees, customers or visitors.

A magnetic sweeper made of forklift magnets has been specifically created to ensure greater safety and eliminate any type of risk in any industrial sector.

What are the types of magnetic sweepers?

There are two types of magnetic sweepers:

  • Magnetic sweeper with fork cavities. This type of forklift magnet sweeper has holes specially made for the forks of the forklift truck to be inserted and aid in attachment. The forks slide into the mounted top brackets which are easily locked manually.

  • Magnetic sweeper with orifice bolts. The eyelets on this variety of sweeper with forklift magnets allow it to be mounted elsewhere on the forklift truck or forklift and on things like gantry cranes, hanging chains or ropes. They can also be connected to industrial cleaning equipment or trolleys.

In both cases, they are ideal for keeping parking lots, container depots and warehouses free of nails, shavings, nuts and bolts, etc. Once the cleaning operation is complete, the forklift magnets can be removed for use at a later date.

Simple collection and release protocols allow metal fragments to be quickly collected and stored, cleaned and removed from where they can do harm.

You know it's a magnetic forklift sweeper, what types exist and how they work. Discover the Magnetic Forklift Sweeper.

Among the most important features of sweepers with magnets for forklifts stand out:

  • No service required.

  • They are robust in design and construction.

  • Designed to fit any forklift.

  • Width of magnetic area: 1200 mm.

  • Can be used on various types of surfaces.

  • Storage capacity.

The sweeper or broom with forklift magnets, can be made of stainless steel, so it has a higher resistance, is more comfortable to demagnetize and facilitates the method of attachment to a forklift. At IMA we have the right magnets for forklift magnet sweepers, so if you require a forklift magnet solution for your business, you can contact us by filling out the following questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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