All equipment calibrated by Magnet-Physik

This week a highly qualified professional from the Magnet-Physik (MPS) team, a German company with more than 40 years of experience and specialized in providing magnetic calibration and measurement services to its customers, has visited our facilities.

Dr. Wagner, an Engineer of high prestige in the field of physics, calibration, magnetic studies and measuring standards, has performed different calibration tasks upon all our magnetic measuring equipment, such as:

  • Measuring coils

  • Measuring probes

These measuring equipments are very important since their purpose is to verify the quality of certain processes and products.

Calibration is not exactly what the equipment indicates according to the reference standards. According to Magnet-Physik, "calibration is a documented measure of the relationship between the values of a reference standard, which have been determined by exact methods, and the values indicated for a particular item that is being calibrated." That is why our company, with qualified personnel in the Calibration and Verification of Measurement Equipment, and through the issue of certificates by MPS, has the appropriate tools to ensure the proper functioning of all its equipment, taking the appropriate decisions for the assurance of quality.

Dr. Wagner has also given different internal training to members of the IMA team, sharing knowledge of processes of verification and control, so that future magnetic measurements are performed correctly according to standards, by our laboratory professionals.

In the same way, IMA’s Laboratory, through the acquired experience and the training given by Dr. Wagner, affirms its commitment to the high quality of the measurements made, through carrying out intermediate controls and verification of equipment used as part of their facilities.

All this is geared to customer satisfaction in the first place and to an assurance of “work well done” by IMA staff. Complying in this way with the established Calibration Plan and updating necessary knowledge, our Company can ensure the correct condition of the products and articles supplied by us.

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