Injection-molded magnets and over-injected magnets for the aerospace industry

To clarify why injection molded magnets are so important for the aerospace industry, we first need to take a look at what this type of magnet is all about.

Is there a difference between injection-molded magnets and over-injected magnets?

Let's start with the definition of the term. As the name suggests, injected magnets are usually magnets made by combining different ferrite and rare earth magnetic powders that are injected into a pre-made mold. Over-injected magnets are those that are made using a plastic mold. Both offer the advantage that they can be made in fully customized shapes, which is precisely why injected magnets are used in aerospace.

As we all know, magnets must have special properties for use in aviation as they have to meet certain conditions.

Being made of quality materials, our over-injected magnets are very popular in the aerospace industry because they meet many of these conditions.

What to take into account when buying injected magnets?

The injected and over-injected magnets that you can buy on our website are of superior quality. They are made of magnetic ferrite and rare earth powder embedded in a so-called thermoplastic. Thermoplastics are mainly made of polyamide. This mixture makes these types of magnets particularly resistant to corrosion and they withstand all kinds of unfavorable external environmental conditions as well as temperatures between 100 and 120 degrees.

The main advantages of over-injected and injected magnets for aerospace are as follows:

  • A wide variety of fully customized shapes and formats can be produced.

  • Different types of magnetization can be produced.

  • Low conductivity and low eddy currents.

  • High tolerance and resistance to pressure and temperature changes.

  • Hybrid versions with combined properties can also be produced.

Injection-molded magnets can therefore be 100% adapted to all customer projects and requirements, as they can be manufactured completely customized. This is a great advantage for the aerospace sector, as this is where particularly small magnets are required, which provide maximum performance and withstand extreme conditions.

For which applications are over-injected magnets used?

Due to the properties listed above, injected magnets, as well as over-injected magnets, can be used in a wide variety of sectors and applications.

From the automotive industry and the use in household appliances, through medicine to wind energy and also aerospace technology.

Injection-molded aircraft magnets have a wide range of applications. Starting with radar systems, fuel pumps, and the drive. Over-injected magnets adapt to any area and any shape required.

At IMA we have many customers in the aerospace sector and we know exactly how important it is to understand the customer's needs down to the smallest detail. In addition, aircraft are vehicles on which millions of lives depend every day, so the quality of the materials used in their manufacture is of vital importance.

If you would like to receive no-obligation information or advice from our specialist staff, you can contact us at any time.

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