Why does the automotive industry require magnetic measurements?

The automotive industry includes all activities related to the development, design, manufacture, marketing... of automobiles. From a worldwide point of view, we are the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

Since 1885, when Karl Benz created the first automobile that required gasoline for its operation. Since then, the automotive industry has not stopped evolving and updating itself with new technologies, until it created the automobiles we know today.

From 1882, we find electric cars, which incorporate magnetic elements. The advent of electric motors has become an alternative to internal combustion engines. The most common magnets we can find are permanent magnets.

Ferrite magnets have been gradually replaced by neodymium magnets, because of their greater strength regardless of their small size. The most common applications of neodymium magnets are braking systems, sensors, insulators... A large part of the production chain requires magnetic measurements, so the automotive industry requires magnetic measurements to guarantee the warranty of our product and ensure the quality of the car.

What are magnetic measurements and how are they calculated?

Magnetic measurements refer to the evaluation of magnetic fields, along with the magnetization of materials.

The gaussmeter helps magnetic field meters to do their function. The gaussmeter is an instrument for measuring magnetic fields by knowing the flux density.

The degree of magnetization of a material is known through the permeameter. The permeameter is an instrument that measures the permeability of materials.

These instruments, both the gaussmeter and the permeameter, are intended for the evaluation of possible risks that may arise.

Why are magnetic measurements so important?

In the automotive industry, magnetic measurements play a fundamental role, due to the monitoring of the operation of the machinery and the automobile. Thanks to the aforementioned instruments, it is possible to ensure the product and production process guarantee.

Know the quality of the magnet manufacturing process is known by the value of Cpk. The higher the value of Cpk, the lower the risk of product failure in the quality product. To know this value, in other words, the magnetic measurement, the GOM-30 scanner is used.

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