What are industrial magnets and what types are there?

Industrial magnets are very powerful magnets that are used in the industrial sector, as they are adaptable to all types of sectors and we can find them in any shape. These magnets are known for different types of industrial magnetic magnets such as magnetic resonance and motor activation. They are also known for their different qualities, grades and for preserving the properties of residual magnetism. Likewise, this type of magnet can be found in different magnetic materials, with different qualities against different external factors such as corrosion, ease of manufacturing, vibration, porosity, temperature to which it can be subjected to work.

What types are there?

Industrial magnets can be classified into permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets:

Non-permanent magnets are electromagnets that need an external electric current to become magnetized or demagnetized. To demagnetize, it is only necessary to deactivate the current of the magnetic core. These magnets have control of the force in the magnetic field, which has the ability to control the amount of electric current. Non-permanent magnets require a magnetic field which is generated through an electric current located inside a coil of wire and held by a core made of soft iron. We can find different types of electromagnets according to the property we need, for example:

  • Rectangular electromagnets

Industrial permanent magnets can be made of ceramic, alnico and rare earths; they are made of a ferromagnetic material which is magnetized by an external magnetic field. This type of magnet is capable of being in a magnetized condition over an extended period of time. Permanent magnets maintain their state without external help, and are manifested with 2 poles and an increase in intensity near the poles of the magnetic field.

In permanent magnets we can find the following classification:

Within each type of magnet, there is a wide range of shapes, depending on the required need. We can find: blocks, discs, rings, rods, segments...

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