What are electromagnets?

Electromagnets are magnets that, as the name suggests, are supplied by electrical power lines. You can find them in all kinds of industrial sectors: on production lines, in electrical shops, even when one of our front doors rings there is an electromagnet mechanism. Here we will look at their functionality and the different types and areas of application.

What are the applications of industrial electromagnets?

If we talk about the functioning of electromagnets, we also have to say that they are compensated by permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are magnets made of suitable materials, such as high-quality ferrite or neodymium, which are constantly magnetic and take a long time to start losing their magnetic properties.

The most important thing is undoubted that their magnetic strength can be obtained through electrical energy, hence their name. It is not only possible to make them stronger or weaker, it is even possible to completely switch off the magnetic field of an industrial electromagnet and switch it on again if necessary.

All this is possible thanks to its peculiar construction. Visually it is easily differentiated as there is a wire wound on these coils. The common loops of this wire can pass through all its turns as a conductor which will include an intense magnetic field that coils the electric current. In many electromagnets, the magnetic field is not heard through an iron core in the coil. This may even mean that the electronic magnet may have some magnetic control, like a permanent magnet. If it loses current, the magnetic field also weakens and if you turn it off completely, it conducts.

Buy different types of quality electromagnets.

The principle of an electromagnet is also quite simple. As with permanent magnets, there are different types. At IMA you can buy different types of electromagnets:

Circular electromagnets are found in lifts, escalators, and automatic doors. This variant attracts ferromagnetic parts via a suction coil. The loss of magnetic properties over time is the main factor to be taken into account. For this reason, safety precautions are high and these devices require more regular and periodic maintenance.

Rectangular electromagnets are particularly popular in industrial robotics and can also be adapted to conveyor installations.

In the case of electromagnets, the movement of the stroke is from start to finish by electromagnetic force, which affects the springs installed in the initial position. They can be found in lifts, escalators, and automatic doors.

Vibrating electromagnets are used in industrial sectors where vibration is present. They can be packaging machines for weighing, counting, and moving products. They are electronic magnets made of iron alloys, which can also belong to both alternating and direct currents.

At IMA we have a wide range of electromagnets at the best price and quality controlled. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist staff without obligation if you require further information or have any questions.

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