The magnet, an innovative element for electric cars

The increase in the number of manufacturers that opt for electric car models, is thanks to the demand for these products and the advantages they can offer to customers. These electric cars are manufactured using components such as automotive magnets, which do not pollute, or that reduce consumption considerably.

According to the consultancy LMC Automotive, sales of electric cars in Europe are increasing every year, and in 2018 sales will exceed 200,000 units per year, an increase of 58%. With a greater exposure of these products in all media, sales will be accelerated, reaching all the objectives set by the big brands.

We know that the future will be electric cars, but do we know how they work? You may not know that permanent magnets and different magnetic systems are very important in this sector.

Performance of electric cars:

Electric vehicles store energy in their batteries to power the electric motor and be able to move. Once the battery power is exhausted, it is necessary to recharge by connecting to the electrical network from a plug-in connector.

The same energy used for car operation is also used to perform tasks such as turning on lights, listening to music or heating the interior of the car.

The mechanics of an electric motor is much simpler than that of a thermal engine. They use electromagnetic properties produced inside the engine to create movement, while with fossil fuel engines, the energy is obtained by explosion.

Magnets are the main elements in electric motors. The operation of the electric motor is composed of a magnetic coil that rotates by strong magnets that surround it. Electric current is applied to the coil, creating a magnetic field, of opposite magnetic poles to the magnetic field emitted by the strong magnets that surround the coil. By turning the magnetic coil attached to an axle, the wheels of the car also turn and the car moves.

Motors that incorporate permanent magnets such as neodymium magnets, are better than induction, being lighter and generating more power. This allows the autonomy of the electric vehicle to be extended and thus travel more distance, before being recharged. One more advantage that makes magnets a totally necessary and important product in the automotive sector.

Good times for magnets:

According to an analysis created by Argonaut Research, it is estimated that there will be an increase in the use of rare earth magnetic materials of 250% in the next 10 years, caused by the increase in the manufacture of electric vehicles and the use of wind turbines to obtain Energy.

Thanks to magnets, the manufacture of electric vehicles is in continuous improvement and innovation. For more information about magnets and their respective technical characteristics, you can contact us and our IMA team will advise you in the best possible way and with the utmost professionalism.

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