The IMA magnet factory implements the ISO 14001 standard

The IMA magnet factory has opted for the implementation and integration of its environmental management system under the ISO 14001 standard, which consolidates our commitment to environmental preservation and pollution prevention.

At IMA we believe that, from an environmental point of view, the medium-term sustainability of consumption habits based on the "throwaway" culture and the inexhaustibility of resources, not only at a domestic but also at an industrial level, is practically impossible. We believe that we must move towards more sustainable modes of consumption and production.

In a consumerist society such as the one we live in, this change starts at the bottom of the pyramid: the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Thus, the social implementation of the habits of Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling is the only possible way to minimize the generation of waste and its proper management.

The schools included in the Green Schools Programme, such as l'Escola Pública els Pinetons, with whom we collaborate by sharing materials and certain waste, are working on this change of mentality. These resources are transformed into pedagogical tools to materialize this change of habits in the consumers of the future as well as to promote their creativity and respect for the environment. We are very grateful to be able to collaborate and disseminate an initiative framed in such an important factor as Reuse.

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