IMA has manufactured 64 magnetic filters for Europe's largest chocolate manufacturer.

IMA has worked on a large project for

the food industry , which requires high-quality standards and a certain degree of safety throughout the production process.

One of the needs of companies in the food industry is to separate small particles of ferrous metals that may be released during the production or handling process. To ensure the separation of these metal particles from the food product, IMA offers various solutions such as bars, filters, or magnetic grids.

In this case, 64 customized, heavy-duty magnetic filters were delivered to be adapted in the various factories of the customer, a leading Spanish company in the chocolate sector.

Magnetic filters to remove metal particles from chocolate

IMA has designed, specifically for this project, a type of magnetic filter with a double chamber to attract unwanted particles and separate them from the liquid chocolate.

In the inner chamber, hot water is introduced to heat the coating of the magnetic filters so that the liquid chocolate does not stick to the filters and the cleaning process of the magnetic filter is improved.

The designed magnetic system allows working with water in the filter cleaning process, without it interfering with the chocolate at any time, thanks to the double layer created for the inner water circuit.

Magnetic filters, the ideal magnetic separation system for the food sector

Every chocolate or cocoa manufacturer needs to integrate magnetic filters into their production processes. The magnetic filter attracts all ferrous particles and separates them from the liquid product.

Chocolate can sometimes drop in temperature and solidify. To do this, hot water is applied to the inside of the filter to keep the liquid chocolate at 60°C, a stable temperature throughout the process.

All magnetic filters are manufactured with 13,500 gauss magnets, made of 316 stainless steel and mirror polished on the inside, to meet strict standards.

If you need more information about magnet types or other magnetic systems, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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