How to fix a mosquito net with magnets?

If you like to sleep with the window open but you don't dare for fear that any animal may enter you during the night, this article may interest you. If you don't want to close sales during the summer, but can't stand having a house full of flies, we're sure this article will be a big help to you.

We are going to tell you in a very simple way how to fix a mosquito net with magnetic tape, so that you have the installation done easily and without having to use drills, or make works that force you to leave it installed permanently.

The easiest and most comfortable way to fix your mosquito screen magnetically is this. First you must stick the magnetic tape -we recommend that it be 3 cm wide- on the whole window or door -if any- that you want to protect with your mosquito screen. Before doing so, you must make sure that the frame is completely clean, that it does not have any traces of dust or grease that would prevent the tape from holding well. Once confirmed, stick the tape tightly to the surface.

Once we have done the first step we can continue with the second. Now we must make a frame with more magnetic tape for the mosquito screen, which we will then place on the window. You must confirm that the tape is well adjusted and coincides with the other. Now, when everything fits, we must join the frame with the magnetic tape to the net of the mosquito net that we have cut to the right size for our window. In this way we get a mosquito net economic and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Although they have great resistance, we must warn that the magnetic tapes, that are adhesive, can lose their strength and loosen with the passage of time, reason why we must watch it every season and make its change after a prolonged use.

Another option is to mount our mosquito net using neodymium magnets. These are safe, but we must remember that these types of magnets are intended for use indoors, so if they are used outdoors for a prolonged period is possible to rust. If you decide to use neodymium magnets you can remove the screen when not in use and store it indoors. This way you will get much more durability.

We recommend that when you have to mount a screen that is not a standard size and is therefore much more expensive to buy in large areas or when you can not use magnets because the window is aluminum and does not have a good hold for the magnets, make one yourself. Using magnetic tape is the most appropriate and economical solution. In the same way we recommend you to use self-adhesive magnetic tape of 2 or 3 cm wide.

The net that we are going to use for the protection against mosquitoes or bugs from the outside is bought by the metre. You must remember that to be able to join it well to the magnetic tape frame you must do it on a flat surface, such as the floor. To fix the net to the frame of magnetic tape is possibly the most complicated part, reason why it is not too much that you count on a small drill for it.

When the frame is done, we end up placing it on the window in which we had put magnetic tape adhesive. Due to the great flexibility and easy handling of this tape, any adjustment in the position on the window frame can be corrected without any problem. Once it's in place, if it doesn't look good, we can remove it and put it back in again. It's that easy!

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