What is electromagnetic energy and how does it work?

Electromagnetic energy is the amount of energy stored in a region of space that we can appropriate to the existence of an electromagnetic field. In other words, a magnetic field and an electric field which is shown as a function of the intensity according to the fields.

Electromagnetism is responsible for the interaction of different electrically charged particles.

How is electromagnetic energy produced?

Electromagnetic energy is produced by the friction of different materials inducing the electric current caused by the spinning of the earth causing the magnetization of the materials. If we want to know the electromagnetic energy flow per unit area, it can be found thanks to the formula shown below:

The electromagnetic energy flux is called S, the vacuum permeability μ0, E would be the electric field and B symbolizes the magnetic field.

Electromagnetic energy depends on the type of radiation: whether radio waves, light energy, gamma rays, x-rays, infrared or ultraviolet rays; they can be used for different applications. For example, x-rays are used in the medical sector.

Uses and applications of electromagnetic energy

Electromagnetic energy is based on waves that are found in the aforementioned fields propagating through space, moving at the speed of light. These electromagnetic waves have various applications such as:

  • Radio waves range in frequency class from the highest to the lowest frequencies. They can also be produced naturally through natural events such as lightning.

  • Infrared radiation is used in various sectors such as military, industrial, construction, scientific…

  • Microwave waves are used in radio astronomy, which studies astronomical elements through the perception of radio waves found in the universe.

  • X-rays are used in the field of medicine, to obtain the diagnosis of the treatment of a disease, as well as to foresee the disease itself.

The main source of electromagnetic energy is solar energy. If we are looking for a large amount of electromagnetic radiation, we use artificial sources, that is to say, man-made sources.

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