The importance of strong magnets in the recycling sector


One of the greatest physical phenomena is, without a doubt, magnetism. You were surely fascinated by  the operation of a compass, when you learned about it in school, how magnetic fields were created, how they were attracted and repelled or how they could be generated.

Magnetism has been used for a long time in electrical engineering. Each electric motor works with a magnetic field. The music industry has also long discovered the benefits of magnetism to amplify different sounds. However, an industrial sector, in which the benefits and effectiveness of a magnet are increasingly used, is that of recycling.

Applications of magnets in the recycling sector

Different types of metal objects hidden in recyclable waste are difficult to detect. The demand for powerful magnets and industrial magnetic separation systems in the recycling industry is increasingly high. Some products like plastic are not magnetic, but others like aluminum can be detected by their weak magnetism.

In general, in classic steel grades, the higher the carbon content, the greater the magnetic properties, otherwise, they would have little magnetism. It is also the case that stainless steel is less magnetic than ferrous steel, so a ferrite magnet for example will react better with classic steel.

In the recycling sector, you can find different types of magnets. Often, the most used is the electromagnet. With electromagnets, the magnetic field generated, can be activated or deactivated. Also, at the first loading points of recycling, where a first sorting of the waste takes place, we can find load lifting magnets.

Normally, strong neodymium magnets are needed in recycling processes. Whether in the form of magnetic plates, magnetic rollers or magnetic drums. The magnets can be made by manufacturers so that they meet the exact, specific requirements indicated by the customer. For this same reason, IMA is the ideal manufacturer for this type of magnets, since we can manufacture according to requirements and have the perfect solution for every occasion.

Professional advice with professional solutions

Therefore, we come to an essential point of the magnet industry and the possible fields of application. Since the discovery of magnetism, its technological applications and potential uses have advanced. Especially in the recycling sector, the magnet industry faces increasing challenges. In many cases, a customer is unsure of the possibilities available. Therefore, when buying a magnet or a magnetic system, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer in detail. The knowledge and experience we can contribute, benefits the client.

Strong magnets require experts who know exactly the different areas of application and possible solutions. Some types of magnets such as magnetic disks have a number of unlimited applications like the ferrite magnet. In short, magnetism in the recycling sector has virtually no substitute. If you want to ask about any magnet, you can contact us. Our commercial team will advise you of the best options possible.

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