The best magnets for walls with magnetic paint

Magnetic paint is a type of magnetic wall which employs the paint containing iron particles, these particles offer us magnetic properties. This is a great option to avoid making holes in the walls.

Magnetic paints provide us with several properties such as:

  • Adaptability = magnetic paints allow us to hold objects regardless of the type of surface.

  • Variety of color = the magnetic particles and not having the paint as such, this can be customized to the color we need. Magnetic paint is usually found in gray or black but can be found in other colors.

  • Protection = it is used to protect holes in the wall.

  • Harmless= Magnetic paint is not harmful to health because the paint contains magnetic elements, but the paint itself is not magnetic. So it will not be harmful to people in any case.

  • Different ways of application= Magnetic paint can be applied both in traditional liquid form and in spray format.

Types of magnets for magnetic walls

To place any object on a magnetic wall, we must take into account that depending on the functionality we want to give it, we will use one type of magnet or another. However, ferrite magnets cannot be used because of their low attractive force. Mostly we use a neodymium magnet.

The best magnets for walls with magnetic paint are neodymium magnets. In addition to these, ferrite magnets can be used, but they are not suitable for application on a wall with a magnetic paint coating, e.g. container magnets and office magnets. These two types of magnets have a steel coating that does not have the ability to adhere completely. Despite using magnetic paint, it is advisable to double coat.

When hanging items on the walls with magnetic paint, we must take into account the weight and volume of the object and then make a good choice of the magnet to be used.

How to have magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint is not the same as normal paint because if it is misapplied or spilled, it is difficult to remove and can leave that area with magnetic properties. So before starting to paint the chosen area we must protect the areas that we do not want to be affected. Once we have done the first coat we have to let it dry completely.

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