Description AGV magnetic tape

An AGV magnetic tape is used to control and steer automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems. These transport systems can be found in the automotive industry and in different large companies where internal logistics problems must be solved precisely and, above all, quickly. AGV magnetic tapes are attached to the floor as self-adhesive tapes. To increase adhesiveness, an additional resin fixation may be useful. Self-propelled transport vehicles follow the magnetic tape placed on the ground, so they can also make tight turns if necessary and reach their precisely programmed destination.

Advantages of AGV magnetic tapes

AGV magnetic tapes and AGV partner vehicles form a successful unit that offers many benefits.

AGV magnetic tapes guarantee safe and precise operation. The process flow is logistically designed with a defined path. The risk of accidents can be significantly reduced with AGV magnetic tapes compared to forklift trucks.

Driverless transport systems are very flexible and allow for many design options. With them you can transport goods and merchandise of any size and also with different weights to any desired location. Therefore, the choice of industrial trucks is not limited to a particular type or size, but can be customized according to the requirements of the goods to be transported.

AGV Magnetic Conveyor Belts

If the storage and transport system has to be changed or adapted to new conditions, this is possible with AGV magnetic tapes and corresponding driverless transport systems, at any time and without much effort. Any changes can even be made and optimized during the current operation.

Any changes can even be made and optimized during the current operation.With AGV magnetic tapes and associated driverless transport vehicles, economical speeds are possible with high cornering stability.

Companies operating automated guided vehicles often need to adapt their internal transport capacity to cyclical fluctuations. AGV magnetic tapes and with them driverless transport systems enable the necessary capacity changes at any time.

The magnetic tape in coil and its versatile applications.

magnetic tape on a reel is characterized by its flexible use. Depending on the desired application, the magnetic tape can be magnetized on one side or on both sides. Depending on the intended use, the customer can perform the pre-processing in sheet form, as strips and cut pieces or as perforated strips.

A common field of application is in the advertising sector. Here, magnetic tape is often used in the form of a self-adhesive roll, in which case only one side is magnetized. The magnetic tape can be cut with roll scissors into any desired length.

Anisotropic magnetic tapes can serve as a support and closure for roof-mounted ski mounts in automobiles due to their high magnetic adhesion.

In the elevator industry, anisotropic magnetic tapes for controlling passenger lifts in public buildings find useful applications.

Magnetic tapes are also used as aids for demonstration, teaching or general information purposes. As a fixture for messages written on magnetic boards or whiteboards, magnetic tapes provide useful services.


The anisotropic magnetization with its one-sided orientation of the elementary magnets gives the magnetic tape a higher attraction force. This special characteristic qualifies the anisotropic CM2 magnetic tapes in a special way as clamping elements. For applications in which the necessary safety must be guaranteed and which are used with great success.

In addition, CM2 anisotropic magnetic tape has been tested in a wide range of applications. This type of tape can be used in sheet form, as cutting strips and holes and as punching tapes. But all other fields of application, both in the industrial and private sectors, have made anisotropic magnetic tapes an indispensable aid.

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