IMA participates in the PASSENGER project, helping to make Europe a more sustainable and ecological place

The complexity of having raw materials in a sustainable way in Europe is a major challenge since rare earths are highly polluting elements and necessary to be able to manufacture permanent magnets. These allow us applications of great importance such as: sustainable transport, electric cars, the aerospace sector, wind turbines... The PASSENGER project will allow us to obtain knowledge of the recycling these magnets, investigating possible processes that allow us to regenerate new possibilities of raw material. Because of this importance we attach to permanent magnets today, the Passenger project will produce possible alternatives and innovative technologies in Europe.

The Passenger project is developed with a total of 20 partners, including research leaders, European associations and industries that are dedicated to the manufacture of permanent magnets, such as us, Ingeniería Magnética Aplicada.

Our role in the project is the participation in several work packages and also the leadership of the WP2 work package, which will allow us to use our injection machines for the realization of new qualities of magnets injected with the "new dust created", in the same way as the reuse of unused magnet dust.

IMA, like other companies, will get a contribution to the intentions of the green pact of zero emissions and clean urban transport.

The PASSENGER project is a 4-year (2021-2025) program of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and imported raw materials. Coordinatedby the Madrid Institute IMDEA Nanoscience (Advance Studies in Nanoscience),it has been founded and funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The aim of this project is tocreate a method that will allow usto replace permanent magnets. Thishas led to the creation of eight innovative activities with different materials, which will cover the value chain and introduce electromobility. Electromobility has become a key sector of driving with these areas: e-scooters, electric bikes, motorbikes, and electric cars. Other activities included in this project are e-standardization, life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCC).  Also lto recyclability and life cycle assessment in the social environment of the products and technologies used by this project.

The activities are based on the research and technological development produced by previous projects supported with the EuropeanUnion.

The association of companies that came together to be part of this project cover different disciplines.

The selected companies are from different countries of the European Union, involving industries and associations that focus on the manufacture of permanent magnets and covering different disciplines.

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