IMA participates in the 8th edition of the Accelera el Creixement program

Ingeniería Mágnetica Aplicada (IMA), a leading company in the magnetism sector in Spain and with more than 30 years of experience, provides the best magnetic solutions and is in continuous innovation, this being one of the strategic objectives of the company.

Currently, IMA is developing a research program, innovating in & nbsp; magnetic products and applications, which allow it to maintain its position among the best companies in the sector worldwide.

This year, IMA participates in the 8th edition of the Accelerate Creixement, public-private collaboration between the Diputació de Barcelona and PIMEC.

A project that helps to promote business development and identifies the different medium and long-term growth opportunities of the participating companies. Companies draw up a personalized and tailored growth and action plan.

IMA will actively participate for 9 months with the program to improve performance and execute the new proposals, together with a team of professionals in the different areas of business management.

This program will encourage IMA to bet and improve even more in aspects related to technological innovation, new lines of products and services marketed, optimizing the internationalization process, among other factors of success for the Business Growth.

All the lines of action that the Accelera el Creixement program contributes to IMA, will be focused on increasing the market share in Europe, the efficiency in the manufacturing process and improvements in the orientation to customer satisfaction, consolidating IMA as a benchmark company in the magnetism sector.

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