Polyurethane and elastomer elements for formwork are more and more widespread in the construction sector, especially in building and prefabricated. This is an innovative alternative which allows their total fixing to the metal shutters by means of magnets in order to firmly seal the masonry to the shuttering concrete.

As it is attached with quality permanent magnets, the elastomeric attachment element will not move and once the job is finished it is easily removable.

There is a wide variety of elastomer accessories for construction and at IMA we have a wide variety of them perfect for different areas of application.

We have standard measurements for this range of elastomer formwork, but our main asset is the custom design of the entire range of elastomer and polyurethane accessories for


Elastomer or polyurethane fittings are used primarily in civil engineering, construction, and prefabrication.

We can manufacture these elements with molds made with the measurements requested by our clients.

Polyurethane for formwork easily adheres to metal frames and does not move.

With its magnetic adhesion system, it remains fixed and solid, and is easy to remove later.

Special instructions for elastomer formwork:

It is prohibited to use these products for applications other than those recommended by IMA.

They should be applied on clean and previously cleaned surfaces.

Do not handle these polyurethane accessories without adequate protection.

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