Clamping force of a magnet

At IMA we always show when indicating the clamping force capable of withstanding our magnetic products, the maximum value it can withstand under optimum conditions. However, in practice we have to evaluate questions such as the distance between the magnet and the object to be held -the more distance the force will decrease-; the material with which the object to be held is made, the more recommendable it is to use pure iron. Equally important is the direction of the force, which must be made perpendicular to the contact surface. The dimensions of the object to be supported, which must be adequate and, of course, the surface of the object, which must be as smooth as possible, avoiding any kind of roughness.

The description of the strength of a magnet is always indicated in grams or kilograms.

Magnetic field

When we were children we would play with magnets and watch them attract, something that fascinated us, but we couldn’t quite understand. However, understanding what the magnetic field consists of is much more complicated. We can define a magnetic field as a non-visible space that exerts a magnetic force on objects or substances that have a degree of sensitivity. This magnetism provides energy and torsion in the field that has been created in both directions.

block shaped neodymium magnets

These magnetic fields are formed due to the proximity between a magnet and an electric current. It can also be formed by the proximity of a magnet with a changing electric field. These fields have both poles naturally: north and south. And they are measured in Tesla.

This brief explanation leads us to be aware that something as simple and simple as the attraction of an object of metallic nature by a magnet is in reality a process of great complexity and scientific study that continues in continuous experimentation and advances after more than 800 years of research.

Why do we find the same magnet with different clamping force?

In IMA we have empirically calculated the clamping force indicated, but we warn that it can only be obtained in conditions that can be catalogued as unique or idyllic. We must warn that the measurements that are often made with unsuitable instruments indicate high clamping forces that are not real and are difficult to reach.

That is why it is not uncommon to find oneself as a certain magnet of the competition that can indicate a very high holding force, while one of our house, with the same conditions, does not reach those levels.  This explains why many companies calculate the clamping force of their products incorrectly, with results that are commercially more attractive, but which, in practice, are not real. In our company, after calculating the holding capacity of a magnet, we always choose the lowest result, in order not to give an incorrect message to our customers that makes them think that the holding capacity of our products is above their real capacity. That is why you must be calm when buying any magnet in our company since, in IMA, the clamping force that we indicate in our products will be able to be reached in the optimal conditions that we indicate in the label.

In any case, any doubt that you may have regarding the clamping force of some of our products or any other aspect related to any of them, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are delighted to be able to help you and solve any doubt in this respect.

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