What is magnetic energy?

Magnetic energy was detected at the time when James Clerk Maxwell investigated magnetism and electricity. This research intended to show that there was no connection between these two phenomena. In carrying out this study, he found that current was connected to magnetism (more specifically to fields). This discovery was followed by electromagnetic energy.

Magnetic force manifests itself in the form of magnetic fields. Magnetic force is the ability of the magnetic force to do mechanical work. Magnetic energy is the movement of the charge of the electrons in the different particles It is the movement that generates the current that produces the behavior of the electron like that of a small magnet.

The earth also possesses a magnetic field generating magnetic energy on the earth. This energy has a north pole and a south pole which, due to their interaction with the earth's atmosphere, produce natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis.

How is the magnetic field calculated?

Magnetic energy or also known as magnetism is known by the force on which charge is in motion. Therefore:

F = magnetic force

qv= electric charge of the charge velocity vector

B = magnetic field vector

Where can we find magnetic energy?

Magnetism is the phenomenon that allows us the presence of the force of attraction with magnetic elements (magnets). Magnetism can be found in:

- The compass

- Electrical transformers

- Hard disks

- Magnetic tomographs

- Maglev trains

- Northern lights

The relationship between electrical and magnetic energy

The relationship between electricity and magnetism lies in the electromagnetic force (electromagnetism). Electromagnetism was made known in 1821 by Michael Faraday. Furthermore, this electromagnetic force is the branch of physics that studies the relationship of charged particles to electric and magnetic fields.

Electromagnetism can be found in the following applications:

- Microphones

- Generators

- Electric motors

The movement of electrons (electric charges) is responsible for creating a magnetic field that subsequently creates magnets.

Within magnetic energy, we find different types of generators specializing in generating renewable electrical energy. The most common renewable energy obtained through magnets is wind energy, which uses permanent magnet generators.

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