What grade of magnet should I choose?

The magnet grade refers to the maximum resistance to which the magnet can be magnetized, in other words, as the magnet grade increases, so does its strength. The magnet grade is represented by a letter and a number. The letter represents the maximum working temperature, while the number represents the strength of the magnet.

Why should we know the magnet grade?

When choosing the grade of the magnet, we have to take into account the application we want to give it, since it is not the same resistance for a small material as for material with larger dimensions. The strongest grade that we can find is the N52 in relation to its size, in the case that we need a higher resistance, we should only choose magnets with a higher size so that in this way it has a greater force of attraction The volume of the magnet can become a factor of greater importance when choosing the grade of the magnet, since not in all cases we will have the possibility of using magnets with greater thickness, so we must choose a magnet with greater grade.

The grade of a magnet, such as a neodymium magnet, is measured in units of million Gauss Oersted or also known by the acronym MGOe. Depending on the type of permanent magnet we can find different maximum MGOe.

Permanent magnet type MGOe
Neodymium 52 MGOe
Ferrite 3.4 MGOe
Samarium 26 MGOe
Alnico 4,65 MGOe

The permanent magnet with the highest degree of magnetization is the neodymium magnet with 5000 gausses and 52 MGOe. Depending on the shape of the magnet, it will be used for one application or another. Depending on the application for which we want to use the permanent magnet, we will choose one type of permanent magnet or another.

Magnet grade Advantages
N42 good cost/performance/resistance
N52 strongest grade available
N42SH high operating temperature

Applications of magnet grades: high and low

A low grade of a magnet is most often found in microphones, which are made of alnico magnets. If we are looking for applications with a high grade, the magnet with a grade of N52 for example can be used in sectors such as automotive, electronics, and DIY.

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