The importance of strong magnets in the recycling industry

The importance of strong magnets in the recycling sector as in other sectors is very important. Magnetism has long been used in electrical engineering. Every electric motor works with a magnetic field. However, one sector where the benefits and effectiveness of a magnet are increasingly being used is recycling.

Recycling on an industrial level is a process that consists of converting materials that have already been used into new ones with the same or different uses. Depending on the material we want to recycle, its composition, and its origin, we can obtain various types of industrial recycling. Industrial recycling is very important in our daily life, as it reduces the production of toxic materials for our planet.

Industrial recycling with the presence of magnets helps us to reduce raw material costs by giving products a second chance. Consequently, we do not have to invest as much in new products. If we look at it from an environmental point of view, we minimize CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process and reduce them.

In addition, industrial recycling leads to energy savings of up to 25%. The main advantage of industrial recycling is to reduce costs.

Magnet applications in the recycling sector

Magnets in the recycling sector are different product remnants that are no longer useful and are very difficult to recycle if they have magnetic elements inside them. In the recycling sector, the use of magnetic discs is becoming more and more common.

In general, we can find classic steel and stainless steel; the latter is less magnetic than ferritic steel so a ferrite magnet for example reacts better with classic steel.

In the recycling industry, various types of magnets are used depending on the intended application. Often, the most commonly used is the electromagnet, as it can be switched on and off. Also, at the first loading points of recycling where the first sorting of the waste takes place, we can find load-lifting magnets.

Normally, strong magnets such as neodymium magnets are needed in recycling chains. Whether in the form of magnetic discs, magnetic rollers, or magnetic drums. The magnets can be made by manufacturers to meet the specific requirements exactly as specified by the customer.

Thus, we come to an essential point of the magnet industry and the possible fields of application. After the discovery of magnetism, the application of its technology and its possible uses have advanced. Especially in the recycling sector, the magnet industry is facing increasing challenges.

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