IMA participates in the Work, Talent, and Technology Project.

IMA receives the visit of the municipal technician Laura Olivera Martin, on the occasion of our participation in the Work, Talent and Technology Project as suppliers of goods related to the health chain.

The purpose of this project is to increase and promote quality employment and competitiveness based on people's talent. It also aims to improve sustainable economic development and collaborate in reducing social inequalities.

IMA, the leader in the magnetic sector, participates in different technological projects related to the medical sector.

Our systems and solutions are applied in:

  • The development and design and manufacturing of imaging systems.

  • Overmolded magnets used in X-Ray equipment.

  • Magnets for laparoscopic surgery technique.

  • Injected magnets used in cardiac rhythm disturbance controllers.

  • Magnets are used in the manufacture of high voltage defibrillators.

  • Multipolar magnets comply with FDA regulations for the protection of biological materials such as vaccines or serums.

  • Voltage stabilizers guarantee the proper functioning of vital elements in hospitals.

  • Isolation transformers for patient safety in operating rooms.

  • Electromagnets with an infinite number of uses.

  • Magnetic systems and uninterruptible power supply machinery are used in operations or medical tests.

  • Magnets used in orthopedic systems.

All of them ensuring a correct and quality operation according to the requirements of our customers.

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