The construction industry demands magnets for formwork

Precast concrete requires a magnetic formwork system to complete various forms. Formwork magnets are most commonly used when changing various structural concrete components to match customers' design.

Formwork magnets, or permanent retention magnets, are suitable when you want to quickly hold things in a certain position. For example, when it is necessary to temporarily place metal profiles to use them as a form while pouring a concrete floor.

When we say permanent, however, we are referring to its retention capacity. In fact, they are very flexible in movement through their arrangements that allow you to release the magnet once the piece you are working on is finished.

The construction industry demands magnets for formwork

These formwork magnets are designed to achieve the highest possible holding power. To achieve this, good contact with the surface is necessary, as even a small air space will reduce the holding force.

Formwork magnets, or fixing magnets, can be used to hold steel panels, beams, fences and templates in place. An arrangement on the permanent magnet allows the user to release the workpiece again. This flexible system saves time, money and labor.

The products of the magnetic formwork system generally include:

  • A box of formwork magnets.

  • A U60 formwork magnet.

  • A magnet formwork adapter.

  • A steel chamfer.

  • A magnet chamfer.

When can formwork magnets be used?

As mentioned above, if you need to pour concrete or hold posts in place, simply use formwork magnets with a layout that allows you to easily remove them once done.

These holding magnets offer so much holding power, you can be sure that everything will stay in place during construction. In addition, no electricity or air is required, making it an excellent alternative to other expensive methods used in the industry.

Not only does the use of formwork magnets in your construction projects provide superior support and flexibility, but reusing the magnets can save time and money.

What formwork magnet solutions are available?

There is currently a range of magnetic support systems for the production of precast concrete elements. The magnets are available with formwork profile and integrated magnets or as separate units, i.e. as magnetic supports, which can be connected to a separate wooden or steel formwork on the casting table.

Magnetic supports are also manufactured to hold the lifting and fixing anchors, as well as various electrical boxes for steel formwork and for the formation of chamfers and grooves for concrete elements. The formwork systems are delivered to operate manually or with robot formwork.

The magnetic formwork system with steel profile and integrated fastening system is available for various different solutions, such as filigran, sandwich, facade, columns and slab concrete elements.

The formwork can be built for continuous production or for situations requiring flexibility with frequently changing element sizes. The formwork system consists of a steel profile and a built-in magnetic clamping mechanism that is suitable for attachment to most bases.

Magnetic brackets are used to attach the anchors to the formwork for threaded socket anchors, spherical anchors, expansion anchors and other anchoring systems.

At IMA we have suitable formwork magnets that can solve fastening problems in the field of construction, prefabrication and carpentry. If you would like more information, you can contact us by filling in the following questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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