Applications that has the magnetic tape CM1 Isotropic and different types

Magnetic tapes or also known as flexible magnets, are a type of magnet used for its easy adaptation to a variety of metal surfaces, thanks to its main feature, flexibility.

Magnetic tapes can be permanently magnetized and CM1 isotropic tapes, in particular, have a multipolar magnetization on one side, offering a suitable gripping force for a wide range of applications.

In fact, this is one of the most versatile and suitable magnetic products for signalling or element organisation.

What are the applications of CM1 isotropic magnetic tapes?

To begin with, isotropic CM1 magnetic tapes adhere easily to any metallic surface. Due to its flexibility, this material can be supplied in different finishes:

  • Natural Magnetic Tape. It possesses a great versatility, since it is a fast and effective means to easily carry out the organization of warehouses, supermarkets, commercial areas, etc.

  • Natural Magnetic Tape (Coil). They are presented in coils, which allows a greater possibility of application. Its uses can be very wide: signage, vehicle signage, advertising, etc.. On request, they can be supplied in any other dimension.

  • White PVC Magnetic Tape. They possess a great versatility, since it is a fast and effective means to easily carry out the organization of warehouses, supermarkets, commercial areas, etc.

  • White PVC Magnetic Tape (Coil). They are presented in coils, which allows a greater possibility of application. It has a white vinyl coating on its non-magnetic side.

  • Adhesive Magnetic Tape. Covered by adhesive on its non-magnetic side so that it can be applied on non-metallic surfaces.

  • Adhesive Magnetic Tape (Coil). It allows a great possibility of applications. It is the ideal medium to carry out any type of publicity to any dimension.

  • Magnetic labels. They can be supplied in different sizes, always with the following presentation: label + plastic + cardboard.

These isotropic CM1 magnetic tapes are supplied with a white cardboard and a transparent plastic, they are versatile and suitable for organising products in warehouses or supermarkets.

The magnetic profiles are designed to close screens, sliding doors and mobile partitions, among others and are available in different colors. All magnetic tapes can be used both indoors and outdoors:

  • The storage and sales shelves can be marked with magnetic tapes using a flexible label and thus provide the user with prolonged and unnecessary searches.

  • Coloured magnetic tapes or magnetic labels can be supplied in metal cabinets and drawers. The user visually obtains information about its content at a glance.

  • Two non-magnetic objects can be fixed with self-adhesive magnetic tapes and, easily visible, are quickly fastened.

  • Presentations and training sessions with whiteboards and color cuts offer live presentations and explanatory lectures.

  • Supports designed as magnetic frames are particularly suitable for color-coded statistics and for the adjustment of process instructions.

  • Photos and images can be organized well with magnetic tapes and therefore have general information character.

  • The company's vehicles can be customized with the help of magnetic tapes with easily visible advertising content and, therefore, can increase the knowledge of certain articles.

The great advantage of these flexible magnetic tapes lies in the possibility of quick changes. In addition, there is no need for accidents with nails, hands or being punctured.

Where can isotropic CM1 magnetic tapes be glued?

Magnetic tapes can be glued by their self-adhesive effect on wood, stone, tiles or wallpaper. Its elasticity and resistance to torsion give it universal usability. It is even possible to connect two light, completely non-magnetic items by placing two magnetic strips on top of each other. However, it is important to pay attention to the opposite polarity. Magnetic tapes must be placed one on top of the other so that the elementary magnets attract each other.

Magnetic strips and magnetic strips without this self-adhesive effect cannot be used as a primer for other magnets. Otherwise, there is a risk of at least partial demagnetisation of the magnetic tape or magnetic stripe. But this type of magnetic tape adheres very well to ferrous surfaces.

Magnetic tapes are also available in many color versions. This variety of colors can be achieved with a creative combination of amazing decorative effects. These created visual attractions are suitable for important communications or other announcements.

In short, isotropic CM1 magnetic tapes can be used as an adhesive carrier on ferromagnetic surfaces and can be produced quickly at relatively low costs.

If you want to know other applications of magnetic tapes, we invite you to contact us and we will give you the information you need for your project or business.

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