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IMA arrives at Mars with perseverance

The Perseverance robot lands on Mars with IMA technology inside.

NASA is in command of this interplanetary mission and today, 02/18/2021, it has been completed after almost 7 months, at a speed of 23,000km/h and after a journey of 480 million km.

This mission consists of studying the surface of Mars to look for signs of microbial life hidden among the rocks of the planet, in order to bring them to Earth in the future.

How does IMA help complete the Perseverance mission on Mars?

The Perseverance robot has neodymium rings manufactured by IMA integrated around the lens of the Supercam. Its main function is to repel any type of dirt or magnetic dust so lens always remains clean and thus gives the most accurate data possible.

Its main objective is to discover if the planet Mars has any kind of life. It is essential to study the terrain and it will be possible thanks to the technology of the Supercam. It has a small laser beam built into the top whose purpose is to vaporize small parts of the elements found on Mars in plasma form.

This high-performance team will be in charge of photographing, filming, revealing chemical composition analysis of the environment as well as its mineralogy to know if there are or have been microorganisms. Considering that it is a planet similar to a great desert and that the temperatures are very different from those of the earth, the mission will be extremely complicated.

IMA is proud to have been part of this milestone in the history of mankind, which places it as a supplier to the most important aerospace companies in the world.

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